Starting an annotation task

As an annotator, you find all your tasks on your Dashboard under Your Current Annotation Assignments.


Annotation View

After opening the annotation view, you will see:

  • The document is in the middle.

  • The concepts are on the right side.

  • The control pane is on the left side.

In the control pane, you also find details about the experiment as well as all tags that were uploaded with the documents (read more about tags here: Documents).

Word sequence annotations

To annotate word sequences, you can click on any word in the document - which highlights it. By clicking on another word, the sequence is extended.

You can unselect the highlighting by clicking on the first or last word in the sequence.

After selecting a word sequence, you can select a label from the ontology on the right side. This annotates the word sequence. You can see the annotation by hovering over the underlined word sequence with the mouse.

You can easily assign more labels by clicking on Select same span again. You can delete the annotation by clicking on the little trash can button on the side.

Document annotations

In addition to word sequence annotations, you can assign labels directly to the whole document. This can be helpful if you want to develop a text classification model or add meta information to your documents.

Annotation Guidelines

Exporting Annotations

After finishing the annotation tasks, you can export them via the project view Projects.

So far, you can only export annotations in the .json format, but new export options will come soon.

You can specify which annotations you want to download.

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