🗃️elinor for Organisations

elinor helps organisations structure their text data, get insights and enable impact

"Data locked away in text, audio, social media, and other unstructured sources can be a competitive advantage for firms that figure out how to use it."

MIT Sloan 2021

The impact of text data in organisations

By structuring text data, organizations can:

  • Understand public opinion

  • Improve the processing of documents

  • Understand trends

  • Enrich existing databases

  • ...

Read about actionable insights in our whitepaper on "The impact of text data in the public and social sector"!

From idea to finished product with &effect

While elinor is a stand-alone cloud solution for organizing ontologies and annotating documents, we can help you get from idea to data product with our service packages. Discuss your ideas with our NLP experts and get a quote for a customized project or product.

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