Ontologies are a digital map of your domain.

Creating Ontologies

Projects have the following properties:

  • Name: A distinctive name for the ontology.

  • Description: A description to describe the ontology.

  • Color: To better distinguish ontologies, you specify a color.

  • Tags: To better organize your ontologies, you can add tags that are shown in the overview.

Additionally, you can specify advanced settings.

  • Public: Should the ontology be available publicly? This feature is not yet implemented.

  • Preferred Language: Ontologies are, by default, multi-lingual. Here you can specify the main language of the ontology.

Create concepts

For now a concept has three main properties: Preferred Label, Alternative Labels, Description.

Concepts have the following properties:

  • Preferred Labels: The Preferred Label allows one to identify a concept. You can only assign one Preferred Label for any given language within one ontology.

  • Alternative Labels: Alternative Labels can assign multiple labels in the same language to one concept. Alternative Labels can be used to define variations like slang, dialect, synonyms, and other variants of the same concept.

Each label has a language attached to it. To change the language click on the language code and select the language from the drop down menu.

Organize concepts

Concepts can be organized by sorting or nesting them.


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