With elinor, domain knowledge is at the center of your natural language processing pipelines.

1. Ontology Management

Translate your domain into a structured ontology - a digital representation of your expertise. elinor represents ontologies as linked data using the SKOS standard - making them easy to reuse, adapt and share.
  • Rich concept descriptions using preferred labels and alternative labels.
  • Unlimited nested hierarchical models
  • Multi-lingual by default
  • Linked Open Data ready

2. Annotation Management

Upload and classify thousands of documents effortlessly: Annotate documents, named entities, or word sequences using your domain ontology. Our annotation interface makes your life easy - even with hundreds of concepts.
  • Intuitive annotation process
  • Never lose oversight - even with hundreds of concepts
  • Annotate entities, spans, or whole documents
  • Results can immediately be analyzed or used as training data

3. Collaboration & Project Management

With our flexible and collaborative project structure, you can work in teams and iterate over ontologies and annotation guidelines to achieve scientific-grade results.
  • Structure the annotation process using experiments
  • Automatically distribute tasks for different purposes
  • Include domain experts in the process to achieve the best results
  • Develop annotation guidelines in the app
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