Upload and manage documents

Documents are an essential part of Elinor as they are annotated. After uploading, they are not linked to a specific project but can be used throughout the workspace.

Upload Documents

You can find all documents by navigating there through the menu.

Elinor currently supports documents in the .csv format. You can either drag a document into the dashed area or click on it to select a file.

When a file is selected, you need to fill out three fields:

  1. What is the delimiter of your dataset? Usually, this is either a comma "," or a semicolon ";".

  2. Which column should be used for the annotation? All column in your dataset will be read automatically. In elinor we call this column the "full_text" column.

  3. Which column contains the title of the document? This property is optional but might help to navigate the documents easier.

When uploading documents all properties in your dataset are uploaded as document tags and are available in the annotation view.

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