📝Setting roles

How the permission system works.

elinor has a role-based permission system. It is focused on creating easy workflows and collaboration in the workspace. Within one organization there are no ontology- or project-specific permissions.


There are 3 roles of permission levels in the product.



An annotator can be from your organization or an external expert. Their primary role in the process is annotating documents. They can see all projects and ontologies but can't create or edit them.


A researcher can create ontologies and projects. They can also annotate. However, they can not invite users to the workspace.

Workspace Admin

The workspace admin can add new members to the workspace, delete users from the workspace, and change users' roles.

Changing roles

Only workspace admins can change roles. To make adjustments go to the user management view and click on the user role you want to change. Then you can select a new position.

Necessary: As a workspace admin, you can only change your role to researcher or annotator if there is another admin.

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